Origami Owl® Lives Up To It’s Unprecedented Growth!

Origami Owl® Lives Up To It’s Unprecedented Growth!

We weren’t kidding when we said we’ve experienced “unprecedented growth” over the past month. If you got a chance to read our May newsletter you would have heard that we have grown by 450% since mid-April! That number has now grown to 500%! Can you believe that!?! This is unheard of in direct sales!

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You may be asking yourself what does 500% growth equate to? Well, the orders received the week prior to Mother’s Day was nearly DOUBLED the orders received in ALL OF 2012! Wow! This is unbelievable! We are defying odds every day!

I am so happy to have joined such an amazing company, we have a phenomenal corporate team that is doing everything they can to keep up with large demands of our growth! We are one of the fastest growing sales companies out there! In our second year we are doing volumes some direct sales companies don’t see until they reach a decade.

Origami Owl® has bumped up their staff by 280 people; not only is this great news for the phenomenal growth of the company but it will also help out the local community of Tempe, AZ. This is just another example of how O2 is living up to their mission statement to be a force for good at a time when so many people could use a job! More and more staff will continue to be added as we continue to grow. O2 has also brought on some of the top leadership individuals in direct sales. Our operations continue to expand. We continue to find state of the art platforms to help us with IT, the warehouse, customer care and designer care. And production of our products continues to increase! We will be headed to an ever bigger facility soon where Fed Ex will be able to load up trailers for us and get all of our orders out in a timely fashion!

Where we are headed is going to be spectacular. What we will be doing together is going to be exceptional and the service we will be able to deliver to our customers is going to be second to none. Our future here at Origami Owl® is truly bright! We have people coming in from all over the country to make Origami Owl® an exceptional company. Together we can continue to be a force for good.


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