I’m a Brand New Designer, Now What?

I’m a Brand New Designer, Now What?

Congratulations and welcome to the Origami Owl® Family! You may not know it yet, but being a Designer is not only about selling fun, fashionable and customizable jewelry. It’s all that and so much more! You’ve just become part of a family whose entire mission is to be a “force for good”. Now that you’re officially a Designer, here are a few things to help you get your business started.

  • STEP 1: Log in to your Back Office and explore the training materials available to you. To access your Back Office go to your replicated website: “_______________.origamiowl.com”. In the upper right click on “Designer Login”. Learn more about Navigating through your Back Office here.
  • STEP 2: Visit O2Loop.com to get connect with other Designers. On you’re first visit you’ll need to register, you’ll be sent a confirmation email allowing you to log in.
  • STEP 3: Go ahead and spread the word about your brand new business through social media! Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • STEP4: Pick a date for your Jewelry Bar debut! Refer to your “Whoo Do You Know?” List and get those invites out!
  • STEP 5: Get to know all about our products. Refer to the Points of Interest PDF in your Back Office Resources Tab.
  • STEP 6: Your kit should be arriving soon! Once it does take inventory. Now is the time to decide if there’s anything you absolutely need for your debut! {Typically: Kits do not contain birthstones or initials}.
  • STEP 7: Read through your Start Living Your Dreams Booklet! Do you have everything you need for your first jewelry bar!? -Product and display items, take out menus and order forms, fun gifts and giveaways, business supplies (pens, calculator, money bag, credit card processor), calendar to book upcoming jewelry bars, hostess folders, customer information cards, and most importantly you smile and enthusiasm!
  • STEP 8: Do a mock jewelry bar! Set up your display and make sure you’re ready to go. This should give you a confidence boost!
  • STEP 9: Let your mentor know how you’re doing and let her know if you have ANY questions. After all her job is to help!

Origami Owl, http://loveablelockets.com

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