“It May Be Old, But Take One Look And You’ll Be Sold” – How to Make The Most Out Of Out Of Date Catalogs!

“It May Be Old, But Take One Look And You’ll Be Sold” – How to Make The Most Out Of Out Of Date Catalogs!

Whenever a new catalog rolls out many of us are left with “old” catalogs.  Of course at your jewelry bars and expos your guests will hope to see the exciting new items!  So, what to do with the old catalogs??  Leave them all over town!  Think about it… Origami Owl is still relatively new, most people still haven’t heard of us!  So, an old catalog could be great exposure for more and more people to find out about us.  Each season new items will be released and a few will retire but ultimately the “identity” of Origami Owl remains the same.  We sell custom jewelry – lockets, charms, tags, etc.  You and I both know that catalogs don’t “grow on trees” they cost money!  So why waste them!?  Get some added exposure, grow your team and make some sales, make the most out of your old catalogs.  Here are a couple of ideas:

First, print up some labels with your contact information, including email and website, with a catchy phrase like “It may be old, but take one look and you’ll be sold!  Call and trade me for a new one!” Put one on each expired catalog before you begin to distribute them.

Out of Date Catalog Labels

• Leave a few at your local library. Many libraries have a table set aside for used magazines and books.

• Drop them off at local doctors, dentists,  or chiropractors office.  Any office where people have to wait is a great place to drop some off.

• Next time you’re at the bank leave one behind for your bank teller.

• Trying on a new outfit, why not leave a catalog behind in the dressing room.

• Drop one off in the main office of your local schools.

• Scan for bulletins boards around town with other advertisements and add your catalog.

• Create a cute way to attached candy to each expired catalog and drop them off around town in any office that has a receptionist. Consider car dealerships, insurance offices, contractors, etc.

• Leave a couple at your a local department store.

• Ask if you can leave a few at your child’s day care center.

• If you’re out to eat, strike up a conversation and leave one behind with your bill.

• Take a couple with you when you have your nails done, strike up a conversation and leave a few behind.

• Ask your hairstylist if you can leave a few with her and the other stylists. Offer her a discount for orders from the shop.

• Leave several around your local college campus; the cafeteria is a great place.  Add a “join my team” label as well, college students are always looking for some extra money.

• You could also attach a coupon good for 10% off or, buy 4 charms get one free, etc.

Origami Owl Make Use of Old Catalogs









The key here is to change the way you think about out of date catalogs.  I hope that since reading this article a light bulb may have turned on.  Instead of seeing your old catalogs as a waste of money, hopefully you’re now seeing them as an opportunity to grow your team, get a party booked or get some orders through your website.  Whatever you end up doing with your catalogs you can’t go wrong, it’s better than recycling them, right?


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