I Love to Share My Story, and I’d Love to Hear Yours!

I Love to Share My Story, and I’d Love to Hear Yours!

black locket

My story is nested tight in my favorite locket, the large black with crystals.  It’s so rich and elegant; I feel like a princess when I wear it around town!

my story 1

My story begins with the July heart birthstone.  Symbolizing my birth month of July.  Which just so happens to fall in my favorite season, summer!

my story 2

It’s followed with the graduation cap.  One of my greatest accomplishments in life has been earning my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

my story 3

Then faith comes into the mix.  I believe there is good in every situation; if you have faith everything will work out in the end.

my story 4

The family heart charm also resides in my locket.  The most important people in my life are my family and friends.

my story 5

If you’ve met me, you know why the red shoe and lipstick are in there!  It’s because I love to get dressed up and be a little girly.

my story 6

Let’s not forget about the music notes.  I love music.  Whether it be cruising down the road or relaxing at home I always have music playing.

my story 7

The airplane charm represents my love of traveling.  If I could make a career out of visiting new places I would!

my story 8

The vintage rose symbolizes my eternal bond to my sorority sisters; it’s our sorority flower.

my story 9

And who can forget about the cat charm.  This one is for my spoiled kitty named Ella, you may have seen some pictures of her on facebook! 😉

my story 10

My necklace wouldn’t be complete without the origami owl signature heart dangle, which symbolizes my love for life and everything that I do.

My Story

That’s my story!  I’d love to hear yours!  What are you passionate about?  What has made you the person you are today?  What are your goals?  What have you accomplished?  What would you like to celebrate and show off in your locket?



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