Isabella – Origami Owl Founder – A True Force For Good

Isabella – Origami Owl Founder – A True Force For Good

Bella Weems started the Origami Owl  at the age of 14 in hopes that she could save up for a car on her 16th Birthday.   I don’t think anyone could have imagined what a isabella weems with her car on her 16thsuccess Origami Owl would be come.  Last year at this time, Bella was celebrating how far Origami Owl had come and she finally had enough to buy herself the car of her dreams!  Today Origami Owl has thousands of Independent Designers all across the country who have been inspired by Bella.


This past Monday, June 17th, Bella celebrated her 17th Birthday, her Golden Birthday.  This year she decided to do something a little different… Bella has a true passion for “paying it forward”.  Bella made local news in Phoenix, AZ as she traveled around her community inspiring others.  Bella spent her Birthday being a “Force For Good”.   Sound familiar? It’s part of our Mission Statement at Origami Owl.  Bella brought presents to a local nonprofit called ChildHelp which provides a safe haven for abused children.  Bella also has a passion for music; she enjoys writing inspirational songs.  She was able to donate to a children’s theater group which is a cause very near to her heart.  You can read more about Bella’s Golden Birthday and watch her interview with the local Fox News here.


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