Brand New Starter Kits!

Brand New Starter Kits!

On July 15, 2013 Origami Owl® released their new Business Basics Package for new Designers.  The new starter kits contains some of our customer favorites and features brand new creative and cute packaging, check it out!


new kit 2

Your journey is about to begin… are you ready?new kit 3

So what’s in the kits?new kit 6

Your tools for success folder contains: 5 Simple Steps to Success, 6 jewelry bar® planner, 25 jewelry bar invitations, 25 thank you cards, 25 order forms…

new kit 7

And a Start Living Your Dreams kit 1

And of course lockets!!!new kit 4

The basics package comes with 4 assorted Living Lockets®.

new kit 5

new kit 8  Your basics package will also come with 3 pairs of charm tweezers to pick up our dainty little charms. new kit 9

5 Charm Votives to allow your jewelry bar guests to pick out their kit 10

Our fabulous Take Out Boxes and fortune cookies!new kit 11

Muslin Bags for our Tagged™ kit 12

2 Charm trays to keep organized!new kit 13

25 Take Out Menus!new kit 14

And a special little jewelry box!

new kit 16
new kit 15

Now that’s happy!

new kit 17

Your Business Basics Package will come with a selection of assorted chains, 2 assorted dangles, 36 assorted charms, 2 assorted stamped plates, and a variety of tags.


business basics


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