Here’s Why Bridal Parties LOVE Origami Owl®!

Here’s Why Bridal Parties LOVE Origami Owl®!

There are many traditions associated with weddings.  One of which is giving a gift to your bridal party!  Giving gifts is a nice gesture to show your appreciation towards your maid of honor, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and flower girl(s).  Jewelry has always been a popular choice.  Not only can your bridesmaids wear their jewelry the day of the wedding but they will have it for years to come.  What makes a bridesmaid gift even more special?  Personalization!

You’re in luck!  At Origami Owl®, we are all about personalization!  So Origami Owl® Independent Designers, Brides-to-be and Hostesses I bet you’re wondering how these Jewelry Bars® work right?  Well… You’re in luck, I’m about to spill the beans!

Often times the bridal party, being great friends with the bride/hostess, will attend the Jewelry Bar®.  This can make things very fun, but also challenging!  As an Independent Designer, I like to meet with the bride prior to her jewelry bar and decide where her budget stands this will help determine what lockets and chains she would like for her bridesmaids.  Whether long or short, silver or gold, etc.

Origami Owl bridal party

Then comes the fun part, the charms!  Some ideas include:

  • Matching birthstones/accent stones symbolizing the wedding colors in all lockets and a special charm unique to each bridesmaid
  • The bride’s birthstone and the bridesmaid’s birthstone and a charm symbolizing their friendship in each locket
  • Matching always or love plates in each locket, the bridesmaid’s birthstone and a unique charm chosen by each bridesmaid
  • You can even add an extra charm, plate or dangle to the maid of honors locket
  • How cute would it be to put one of each of the “unique to each bridesmaid” charms in a large locket for the bride
  • If your bride is on a budget a simple tag, initial, dangle or combination could be a great option

 simple and sophisticated initials

I am a lover of surprises, who isn’t?  So how do we keep the bridal gifts a secret if the girls attend the jewelry bar!?  Simple!  Keep the chain and locket a secret between you and the bride.  Let them each select a charm special or unique to them.  Yes, they will know they are getting Origami Owl® as a gift from the bride but it will be a fun surprise when they see the final product the bride has picked out just for them!

So, Designers and Hostesses you may be asking yourself if all my bridesmaids are getting gifts from me and they don’t place an order how will I earn Hostess Rewards??  Don’t worry I have some suggestions!  Designers, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage BOOKINGS.  For each booking the bride will receive a half price item, which means less money out of pocket for her gifts!

Origami Owl Bridesmaids

Remember, you and the bride have a little inside secret.  You know what these bridesmaids will be getting as gifts.  This means you can encourage the bridesmaids to order items that will complement their lockets after the wedding day!  Tags and dangles!  Also remind them that Origami Owl® makes a great gift!

You can even give your bride-to-be some fun little extras like a simple bouquet tied together with the bride and grooms initial tags.  Or something as simple as one of our love charms, like the wedding ring or just married charm!  Do whatever your budget allows!

Origami Owl fun little extras

At the end of the day, Bridal Party Jewelry Bars® are a win win!  As an Independent Designer you are earning commission and the potential for more bookings.  As a Bride/Hostess you are earning a significant discount on the perfect timeless, personalized gift for your Bridal Party!


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