The Waiting Game…What to do While You Wait!

The Waiting Game…What to do While You Wait!

Origami Owl Determination

1) Purchase a locket and wear it daily

2) Keep track of those who express interest in making a purchase or hosting a party in a notebook

3) Save up for your kit!  $149, plus shipping and tax

4) Consider setting up a dedicated email address, phone number (, and bank account for your business.

5) Start your “Whoo do you know” list

6) Purchase a calendar for your business and mark off dates you know you will not be available, also determine possible dates that will work for your launch party

7) Host a catalog party through your mentor.  As an incentive to join I am happy to set aside half of the commission from the party and reimburse you for your inventory once you join

8) Set aside an office space for your new business.  You will need a place to store your inventory and display items

9) Collect items for your display and office organization

10) Start building your team!


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