Take Out Parties 101

Traditionally party plan companies like Origami Owl have three party options:

  1. In home – where guests experience the products first hand and place their orders directly with your Independent Designer,
  2. Catalog – where the hostess collects orders using catalogs and order forms provided by the Independent Designer.
  3. Online – where guests shop direct on an Independent Designer’s webpage link to the hostesses party.

What if you could give your customers/guests the hands on experience with the convenience of a catalog party on the go?  That’s where a Take Out Party comes in!  Take a look at how easy this is!!!

Origami Owl Take Out Party LoveableLockets.com

Here are some tips to make the most of your Take Out Party for you as the Independent Designer and your Hostess who can’t wait to earn some free jewelry!

  • As the Independent Designer you’ll want to advertise how easy this on the go party is for those with jam packed lifestyles all they need to do is grab the cute little tote bag and bring it around town wherever they may be and collect orders on the go.
  • Presentation goes a long way!  If your Take Out Party is in town and you can drop it off to your hostess an organized tote works great! If you need to ship it out of town be sure to wrap it up all nice and tidy.  A travel make up bag that folds flat works great to hold everything in place and is easy to ship.
  • It’s a great idea to create an “agreement form” to insure that you and your hostess are on the same page and have the same understanding/expectations for the Take Out Party.  Make sure you outline when the party should be returned, who is responsible for any broken/missing items, etc.
  • Hostess coaching is even more important when it comes to Take Out Parties – essentially your host is the one who will be relaying info to her friends and family and you’ll want to make sure she is confident in answering questions.
  • You can utilize Skype or a recorded video to help walk your hostess through what’s included in her Take Out Party.
  • Utilizing a FB party along with the Take Out Party will allow you to further hostess coach and answer any more specific questions your customers may have.
  • I have 3 Take Out Parties assembled and aim to send out 1-2/month that means I usually have a spare.  If you travel taking a Take Out Party with you on the go is a great option.  You will be a walking billboard for your business!
  • Once you get going and have a few of these parties working successfully you can consider allowing your hostess to “pass on” the goodies to her friends who may want to host.  She can mail back the order forms from her party and you can send out any additional supplies your new hostess may need replenished.
  • For out of town Take Out Parties I provide a return label to make things even easier on my hostess.  All she has to do is stick the return label over the original and drop it off at her local shipping facility.

Origami Owl Take Out Party LoveableLockets.com

You may be asking… But what should I include?

  • Inventory List of what’s included in this Take Out Party
  • Thank card or letter to the hostess
  • Order Forms
  • Take Out Menus
  • A Few Pens
  • Business Cards
  • Hostess Rewards Flyer
  • Hostess Wish List
  • Join Our Team Flyer
  • O2 Facts Sheet
  • Take Out Agreement/Instructions
  • A few samples: Tagged necklace, a locket or two (see if there’s anything specific your hostess would like to see or include some of your top sellers)
  • A small 4×6 photo album including photos of various styles of lockets to give customers ideas.



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