Building Your Team and Growing Your Bookings with Local Events [Part 1]

Building Your Team and Growing Your Bookings with Local Events [Part 1]

Getting involved in local events is a great way to expand your Origami Owl business in your community.  Often times you can find events at a minimal cost at local schools, churches, malls, non-profits, etc.  As and Independent Designer representing Origami Owl at these events you will have the opportunity to share your business with 100s of new potential customer/ hostesses/ recruits, doesn’t that sound great?  In this post we’ll cover a few ways to find these events in your area.

  • Local Festivals/County/State Fairs

Most local festivals feature vendor booths.  Is there a yearly county fair in your area or festival?  Look them up and see if you can get involved!

  • Job Fairs

Local job fairs are a great opportunity to spread the opportunity to join Origami Owl.  Practice your “30 second commercial” and recruit recruit recruit!

  • Craft Shows

Crafts shows occur all year round you just have to do a little searching to find them.  Typically in the fall their are quite a few running into the holiday season. Spring is also a popular time for craft shows.

  • Bridal Shows/Prom Events

OMG!  If you haven’t put two and two together Origami Owl makes a perfect gift for a bridal party!!! Research bridal shows in your area online, be sure to contact the organizer of the event.  Bridal shows can be pricey be sure to ask many questions about attendance and things (we’ll get more into that in a future post).  Stick to your budget.  Yes, sometimes you need to spend money to make money, but you need to set some limits.  If you find a great event that’s on the pricey side consider contacting some Designers in your area and splitting a booth!

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is the perfect communication forum to find people in your area organizing events.  Select your state and city and do a search for “vendor events” or “craft fairs”.

  • Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce organizes the major events in your area.  From farmers markets to festivals.  Go to your cities website and get involved in your area.  Not only will this help you find events but you might just meet some new people who may just turn into customers, hostesses and recruits!

  • Holiday Events

Holiday events are one of my favorite vendor events because the people attending these events are looking for gifts and they are open to fun new ideas like Origami Owl!

  • Marathons/Fundraisers/Non-Profit Events

These types of events bring in 100s – 1000s of people all in one area.  Hello, can you say OPPORTUNITY!?  Typically the larger the event the larger number of vendors.  Sometimes you may even come across fundraising events that ask for donations for a silent auction, go for it!  An Origami Owl gift certificate is perfect for these situations, spread the word about your business all while living out our mission to be a force for good and help out others, can you say WIN WIN?

  • Newspaper

In your local classifieds you should find an events section. Check it out you might be surprised what you may find.

  • Local News Stations/Radio

Large community events are often times advertized through local news stations and radio stations. Often times you’ll find links on their webpages too.

  • Facebook

Use the search feature on facebook and look for “craft fairs in _____ city” or “vendor events in ______ city”.  If you can find a group page for events in your area, even better!  Join and you’ll be able to connect with other small business owners keep up to date with new events in your area.

  • Schools

What better place than to find some stay at home moms to share the opportunity with?  Origami Owl could be just what they’re looking for to earn some extra income to spend more time their kids.  Schools are known for their craft fairs, silent auctions and festivals, search around at your nearby schools.  Often times they will have events listed on their calendar on their webpage.

  • Churches

Churches also have craft fairs and bazaars you can search around on their websites or give them a call and see if they have anything scheduled in the upcoming months.

  • Malls

Occasional malls will open up expos to home based business to bring in more shoppers.  Find the contact person for your local mall, don’t be afraid to give them a call and see if they have any upcoming events you can join in on.

  • Boutiques

Small boutiques will often times hold open houses and allow other small business owners to set up for a few hours to grow their customer base and spread their name in the community.

After all of that if you still can’t find the perfect event in your area, that’s okay, why not create your own!?  Contact a local restaurant or bar and contact some friends who sell from other companies and get things set up!  Don’t forget to read over our Policies and Procedures in regards to events and be sure to contact Event Care to inform them of your event details.

Check back soon for more ways to involved with local events to grow your business.


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