The Dollar/Hour Breakdown – How Much Can I Really Expect To Make as a Designer?

What is your current hourly wage?  What if I told you you could make over $50 an hour as an Origami Owl Designer from jewelry bars alone!? And we’re talking so much more if you decide to expand your business and build a team!  Would you consider leaving your corporate job and starting a career as an Origami Owl Independent Designer?  Let’s break down the numbers and see where this money is coming from…

– There are 3 main factors that correspond to our $50/hour figure:

1) Average time spent per Jewelry Bar

2) Average sales per Jewelry Bar

3) Average cost to Designer per Jewelry Bar


Let’s go ahead and break each of these down just a bit further…


  • Average time spent per Jewelry Bar:

-Hostess coaching: 20 minutes

-Travel time: 45 minutes

-Set Up time: 30 minutes

-Actual Talking time: 20 minutes

-Socializing: 25 minutes

-Order Taking:  30 minutes

-Tear-down: 20 minutes

-Entering orders: 30 minutes

-Customer Service: 15 minutes

That’s a grand total of: 235 minutes, about 4 hours.


origami owl designer discount wholesale commission loveable lockets

  • Average sales per Jewelry Bar:

-The average jewelry bar is $650 in retail sales.

-As a Designer you earn 50% commission on Charms, Plates, Dangles and 30% commission on all other jewelry (Lockets, Chains, Tags, etc.), on average 41% per sale.









  • Designer Expenses per Jewelry Bar:

-Samples: $5

-Host gift: $10

-Gas: $13.73 (on average)

-Postage (hostess packet & thank yous): $9

-Printing Costs: $5

-Order Forms and Catalogs: $7

Total: Just under $50


So what’s the break down… $650 in retail sales with an average of 41% commission = $266.50 – $50 cost to designer = $54.13 AN HOUR!  Holy moly that’s a lot ca-ching!


But wait it gets even better!  Let’s take a moment to compare a traditional part-time job to a part-time job as an Origami Owl Independent Designer…

– Traditional Part-time job:

(2) 8 hour days/week = 64 hours/month

let’s say you make $15/hour *64 hours = $960 of income/month   –  remember that’s PRE-tax, you’ve gotta pay Uncle Sam!


-Part-time job as an Origami Owl Independent Designer:

(2) 4 hour jewelry bars/week = 32 hours/month

with our average $54.13/hour from above * 32 hours = $1,732 of income/month  –  and the best part is that you can put all of those “designer expenses” toward business tax write offs instead of paying it all to Uncle Sam!


Now tell me, what are you thinking now?  Becoming a Designer is sounding pretty great right?  Umm hello, did I forget to mention that it’s a TON OF FUN!  What are you waiting for!!!!  What would you do with 32 hours more a month, maybe spend some more time with the kiddos or get involved in your community?  What about that extra $39 an hour?  That’s a heft chunk of change I’m sure could make a huge difference in your life – heck that’s almost double the monthly income of a traditional job!  But really the sky is the limit with Origami Owl, you determine your pay check!  How many hours you put in determines what you’ll get back!


Are you curious what our Origami Owl Leaders make?  Here’s a break down of their monthly income, WOW!

  • Leading Designer:  $95.56
  • Team Leader:  $460.15
  • Senior Team Leader:  $1,577.91
  • Executive Team Leader:  $5,004.58
  • Director:  $9,614.83
  • Senior Director:  $27,361.32


Take a closer peak at our career plan here at Origami Owl!

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