How To Join the Origami Owl Family!

So you’ve done your research and you’ve decided that you are ready to enroll as an Origami Owl® Designer!  Awesome!  We are so excited to have you join us!  Now you may be wondering how do I get signed up?  If you would like to join my team The Loveable Locket Ladies just follow the example below!

origami owl enroll 1Step 1)  Head over to my Origami Owl® website and click on “enroll” under “join” in the upper right.

origami owl enroll 2Step 2)  In the upper right hand corner of the enrollment screen, confirm the Name and Designer ID # of the Mentor you want to sign up under.  In this case you’d be joining me and the awesome Loveable Locket Ladies Team!  If you planned to join under a different Designer just click the edit button next to the Designer name and adjust the information accordingly.

Step 3)  Select  your Origami Owl® Starter Kit option.  Basic Business Package ($149) or Deluxe Business Package ($399) by clicking “continue” near the bottom.

origami owl enroll 3Step 4) Proceed to enter your personal information.  Note: only one email can be registered per kit. Verify your address.  Don’t be alarmed if your address does not pass verification go ahead and proceed.  Be sure to jot down your new website address, this is where you will send all of your customers!  I highly encourage you to click on the Policies and Procedures and read through them.  As an Independent Designer, you are responsible for knowing and understanding these policies.  Should you have any questions feel free to contact me.

origami owl enroll 4Step 5)  Finally go ahead and enter payment for your new Designer Starter Kit! You will notice that the total includes tax and shipping.  Origami Owl® Designers are always charged taxes on the full retail value of our jewelry including this kit.  At some point you will sell these items to customers and you’ll pass on the same tax to them.  Once your payment information is entered you’re all set just click on “Process Enrollment”.  Have a little O2 Dance party and share the great news with your friends, family and mentor!

Step 6)  After your enrollment is processed you will receive a confirmation number, Designer ID and temporary password via the email you provided in step 4.

origami owl enroll 5

origami owl enroll 6Step 7)  Be sure that everything is working.  Now that you are officially an Origami Owl® Independent Designer you can immediately log into your new “Back Office”. To login in enter your Designer ID and password provided int he confirmation email you just received.  Once you are logged in feel free to peruse all of the new materials at your fingertips!  Don’t get overwhelmed it’s a lot to take in but you’ll be a pro in no time!  If you join my team, you’ll receive a special welcome email from me with training documents and everything you will need to get your new business off to a strong start!

Step 8)  Don’t let the excitement settle!  Your starter kit will take a few days to ship but in the mean time share your excitement!  You will be able to immediately take orders, set up jewelry bars, etc.  All before your kit even arrives.  Typically the kits only take 2-4 business days.  Once your first order is submitted you’ll also receive an email to set up your new PayQuicker card, that’s how we as Designers receive our commission!



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