Recognition for our Origami Owl Leaders!

Back in August Origami Owl announced a new Recognition program for Origami Owl leaders.  What a great way to celebrate new promotions!  As a Designer when you enroll you will receive our Designer charm.  With each promotion as you begin to sponsor team members you will receive more and more exclusive jewelry from our new Recognition Collection along with an accompanying certificate!

Each new piece will add you to story as a Designer and distinguish you as an O2 Leader committed to our mission statement to Be a Force For Good! Our new Recognition Jewelry is not available for purchase but will be awarded to you as you promote-up!

Starting a new jewelry business takes lots of courage and hard work and at Origami Owl we want to recognize each and every Designer with our exclusive Designer Charm.  As your success continues you’ll receive new pieces all the way up to Executive Director!

Origami Owl Recognition Charms Loveable Lockets






Designers who promote up to Director, Senior Director and Executive Director will receive even more exclusive pieces for their amazing accomplishments!

In addition to the Director Charm, new Directors will receive a Director’s Locket. This Locket is a Large Silver Locket with exclusive turquoise Swarovski crystals set into our new Face!

Along with a Senior Director charm our Senior Directors will be reminded to stay true to their goals with a unique Tag adorned with a gorgeous aqua crystal!

And Executive Directors will receive an amazing Diamond Locket along with their Execute Director Charm. This amazing Locket featuring real diamonds set into a Large Silver Locket Face will be the perfect way to showcase your entire Recognition Jewelry collection!

Origami Owl Directors Locket Loveable Lockets






Promoting up is an amazing accomplishment, but maintaining that title is even more impressive achievement and deserves a little extra something special. Directors that maintain a Paid-As Title for two out of three consecutive months will be awarded a Director Window Plate. Other exclusive Recognition Jewelry will be awarded to Senior and Executive Directors that maintain a Paid-As Title for two out of three months as well.

Origami Owl Directors Plate Loveable Lockets








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